The IDRF team is a mix of volunteers and full-time staff.

Vinod Prakash, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Prakash is passionately involved in all aspects of IDRF and takes special joy in each individual story of giving in the U.S. and development in India.  He guides IDRF’s day-to-day operations, emphasizing close interaction and monitoring of our Indian programs and strict adherence to compliance standards.  Dr. Prakash is a retired World Bank economist with a PhD in Economics.


Vandana Matravadia, Operations Manager
Vandana manages IDRF’s daily communications and operational activities, from marketing to grant management, and coordinating with our NGO partners.

Mrs. Sarla Prakash, Assistant Treasurer

Board of Directors

Dr. Vinod Prakash, President
Mr. Dileep Thatte, Vice President
Dr. Prem Garg, Treasurer
Dr. Sasala Challa, Secretary
Dr. Neelam Chitre, Member
Ms. Malati Gopal, Member
Ms. Reena Goyal, Member
Dr. R Korrapati, Member
Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma, Member

Support Team

Ms. Ritu Chowdhry, Social Media
Mr. Rajesh Gooty, Public Relations
Ms. Reena Goyal, Educating Girls
Mr. Punit Mukhija, Promotions
Mr. Navin Prasad, Advisor in India
Ms. Sudha Jain, Website Coordinator