NGO: Ajekar Padma Gopal


Ajekar Padma Gopal Education Trust is a public education trust created and developed by Dr. Sudhakar Shetty in order to found the Karkala Jnanasudha Pre-University College. This institute is focused on preparing talented youths to pass various exams, including AIEEE, IIT-JEE, CPT, and IPCC, for admittance into India’s top universities.

IDRF partner since: 2011

Focus Area: Education

Location: Karnataka

Project Title: Laboratory and Classroom Construction


With IDRF’s support, Ajekar Padma Gopal Education Trust is expanding the Karkala Jnanasudha Pre-University College by constructing a new laboratory and classroom. These facilities will contribute to the school’s ability to provide quality education and university preparation for free to economically disadvantaged students from nearby villages.