NGO: Akhil Bartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram


Dedicated to empowering the forest dweller & tribal communities of India, Akhil Bartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram provides quality education, women’s empowerment and economic development programs, as well as access to health programs and medical camps.

IDRF Partner Since: 1999

Focus Area: Education

Location: Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram

Project Title: Mizoram Development Project


ABVKA is operating three hostels in Mizoram, housing and educating over 100 underprivileged students. Additionally, the organization is running 16 one-teacher schools and supporting three local rural schools with a capacity of nearly 700 students. These students are from tribal backgrounds, and the educational programs operated by ABVKA are supported by IDRF as well as numerous local donors. IDRF also continues to support numerous other projects run by ABVKA in the areas of health, the education of women and children, and tribal development. Many of these projects are carried out in other states, including Madhya Pradesh.