NGO: Arpana Research and Charities Trust


Arpana Research and Charities Trust is a secular nonprofit organization working to advance the welfare of India’s disadvantaged. Arpana is engaged in intensive health and rural development programs in over 248 villages of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, including, healthcare, maternity/ child welfare, women’s empowerment, livelihood and rights promotion, water and sanitation, farmers’ welfare, computer training, and community development. Arpana is also working towards education, health and development of over 50,000 people in slum resettlement colonies of Molar Bund in New Delhi. 

IDRF Partner Since: at least 2000

Focus Area: Women’s Empowerment

Location: Haryana

Project Title: Women’s Self Help Groups


As a component of Arpana’s women’s empowerment program, they started a number of Self Help Groups in Haryana state. From 10 villages, they have grown to 100 and these groups now contain more than 10,000 rural woman. Equipped with the support of their collective, as well as financial training from Arpana, these female entrepreneurs are running successful local business, supporting themselves, and contributing to their families’ livelihood.

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