Donor Spotlight: A Unique Way to Give

Donor Spotlight: A Unique Way to Give

The most common theme among IDRF’s supporters is a profound connection with India, which takes many different forms.

When asked about his connection to India, IDRF donor Dr. B.P. Lathi stated, “India is always on my mind… I remember the debt I owe to India where I studied till 22 years of age in government supported schools. For a poor country like India, this was an enormous investment in me and I would like to pay back my debt in whatever way I can.”

Dr. B.P. Lathi has certainly found a way to give back, by designating half of his Charitable Remainder Trust to IDRF. A CRT is an instrument available to donors who wish to donate a property to their favorite charity. This is an extremely advantageous instrument to donors, especially when a donor gives an appreciated property, as he pays no taxes on the appreciated property. Whatever remains in the trust will be divided between IDRF and popular magazine Hinduism Today in the year 2021.

Dr. Lathi knew that IDRF collects funds to support educational and social institutions in India. He states, “This was a good fit for what I wanted… IDRF was the right charity.”

You can read more about Charitable Remainder Trusts here.