Frequently Asked Questions

What is IDRF?
IDRF is a tax-exempt, 501 (C)(3), public charity based in the US.  Its programs cover children’s education, women’s empowerment, sustainable rural development, healthcare, good governance, and post-disaster relief and rehabilitation.  The programs stretch across all of India, and most recently, parts of Nepal (see map)

How does IDRF operate?
IDRF’s team is a mix of paid staff and volunteers.  Our program are implemented by reliable, local NGOs.  We keep our overhead over under 5% (so at least 95 cents of every $1 you donate goes directly to the programs). Please visit this page for more information on our strategy.

Our compliance standards are very high.  Our financial statements are prepared by independent auditors, submitted to the IRS, and available online.

How does IDRF select partner NGOs?
IDRF’s founder and president has been visiting India over the past three decades and identified NGOs managed by dedicated, selfless people, who are imbibed with a spirit of selfless, humanitarian service.   These NGOs operate with minimal budgets and serve people without consideration of caste, religion or sect.  IDRF remains in direct contact with such NGOs and its consultants visit program sites.  We provide funding on a project basis, to ensure that your donations are used honestly and effectively.

What are the accomplishments of IDRF?
Thanks to the hard work of our team and our donors’ generosity, we have raised and given grants totaling $25 million to development programs over the past 25 years.

We are touched by the magnanimity of our donors.  Fifteen young couples showed extraordinary compassion by donating their cash wedding gifts to IDRF.  Many Indian Americans have fulfilled their dreams of helping schools and hospitals in their villages, while others contributed funds toward 30 mobile medical clinics. Many have also sponsored one-teacher schools, provided homes for widows in dire need, and saved children from blindness.

Visiting our program sites is an exhilarating experience – seeing your donations helping people in critical need.  When IDRF visits our programs, we are invariably moved to double our efforts. We strongly encourage our donors to visit our programs.


How can I support IDRF’s ongoing programs?
When you make a general gifts will use your funds where they are needed most!  You can donate online, by mail or other methods.   All donations are tax-deductible.

Can I be sure that my money will be used properly?
Yes. This is precisely the core strength of IDRF. We attach utmost importance to accountability and integrity. We select only those NGOs with a proven track record, and we maintain monitor each program closely, ensuring the grant was properly spent.   You can find our financial records here.  Further, IDRF representatives visit our program sites in India regularly.  But don’t take our word for it: you can read independent reviews by donors and volunteers like you!  They made IDRF one of the top rated nonprofits in 2013!

Will my employer match my donation to IDRF?
As a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization, IDRF is eligible for corporate matching. Ask your HR office if they’ll match your gift to India Development and Relief Fund (EIN 52-1555563).


Can I choose an NGO for my donation?
If the NGO that is not already on our program map, please contact us before you make your donation.   IDRF may accept only if the designated NGO fits with our mission and these criteria.

Does IDRF conduct fundraising campaigns?
IDRF conducts an annual fundraising campaign each November. We also make appeals for specific causes as and when needed.  However, we welcome donations year round. You may think of donating on special occasions, such as a birthday, wedding, religious celebrations or death anniversary of a loved one.

Besides donating, how else can I support IDRF?
You could also: