NGO: Janaagraha


Janaagraha is a governance organization that focuses on pan-India campaigns encouraging Indians to implement social change in their local communities. Janaagraha’s web-based and physical campaigns target youths and everyday people to make necessary changes, rather than accept many institutional realities, like corruption.

IDRF Partner Since: 2012

Focus Area: Anti-Corruption

Location: Karnataka/pan-India


Project Title: IPaidABribe


IPaidABribe is a pan-India web-based campaign that allows Indians to engage in a dialogue regarding their everyday and institutional experiences with corruption in India. Janaagraha’s IPAB campaign is largely web-based and focuses on educating the public on ways to move beyond corruption as a form of interaction, commerce, etc.

Project Title: I Change My City


IChangeMyCity is a web-based governance campaign that gives locals an opportunity to file grievances regarding institutional failures that have impacted their daily lives. I Change My City provides advocacy and training resources. The campaign continues to empower several local communities and has led to greater governmental transparency on both the local/national level.