NGO: Sri Ram Grameen Kshetra Vikas Samiti


Sri Ram Grameen Kshetra Vikas Samiti is a sister organization of Sri Ram Gram Vikas Samiti which was founded about 25 years ago. The organization is responding to the local need for a hospital capable of providing low-cost, quality medical attention for the local population of Nagauri Village, as well as surrounding communities.

IDRF Partner Since: 2008

Focus Area: Health

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Project Title: Smt Laxmi Todi Hospital (Nagauri Hospital)


IDRF is collaborating with Sri Ram Grameen Kshetra Vikas Samiti to expand road construction, allowing villagers from nearby communities to gain direct access to the quality medical personnel and facilities available at the hospital. Additionally, IDRF funds are being used to maintain various facilities, construct staff residences and a female wing for the hospital.