NGO: Dharma Vana Arboretum


Dharma Vana Arboretum (DVA) is under development in the Bhongir mandal, District Nalgonda, Telangana. It is being established to conserve the biodiversity of woody flora found throughout the Deccan Plateau and Eastern Ghats in India. The DVA spreads over an area of 455 acres near Hyderabad and is the largest botanic park focused on tropical dry flora worldwide.

IDRF Partner Since: 2016

Focus: Eco-friendly Development

Location: Telangana

Project Title: Biodiversity Conservation


Dharma Vana Arboretum is a biodiversity conservation project for tropical dryland flora facing pressures from increasing human and livestock populations. Loss of this biodiversity results in degradation of fragile ecosystem and economic hardship to the poor communities dependent on this ecosystem for their subsistence. Situated just outside of Hyderabad, the landscape is a pristine example of un-spoilt Deccan geology.

The main emphasis of the project is on conserving rare and endangered species of native trees and shrubs of the Peninsular India in a ‘wild’ setting. The long-term goal of this project is to re-establish an ecosystem suitable to dry tropical flora and complementary native fauna with over fifty thousand woody plants. While in its early stage of development, DVA serves the local community (Bhongir town and neighboring villages) with all the benefits of an emerging ‘Green lung’, significant water conservation works, and youth employment. IDRF is funding part construction of infrastructure and facilities of the arboretum that is scheduled to be partially opened to public by 2020 for education, research and enjoyment of nature.

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Water Lilies at the Dharma Vana Arboretum