NGO: Surabi Charitable Trust


Surabi Trust is a non-governmental and philanthropic organization that was founded in 2008, by a group of socially committed youth in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  The Trust is established with the ultimate aim to serve deprived children by providing them quality education, better medical and nutrition support and empower women to be self-reliant.

IDRF Partner Since: 

Focus Area: Health

Location: Tamil Nadu

Project Title(s): BalaMitra (Nutrition Supplement Program) and Healthy Mother Project


Many children from poor families do not eat breakfast in the mornings and attend schools on empty stomachs. Surabi has started the BalaMitra (Nutrition Supplement Program), with support from IDRF and other partners, to help such children. Nutrition balls made out of pulses and jaggery (gur) are offered as breakfast to about 550 children daily. This program has received a positive feedback from various primary schools. The children not only like this food, but it has also improved their health and performance at school.

IDRF has been supporting Surabi’s “Healthy Mother” program to support poor pregnant women by offering them a 15-pulse powder mix in order to provide the necessary proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates in order to prevent the malnutrition in the unborn child and mother. This powder is distributed free of cost on a weekly-basis, starting the second month of pregnancy through child-birth and till the baby is two-years-old. This has led to mothers giving birth to healthy babies with normal weight

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Nutrition Balls as breakfast for children

A pregnant woman receiving a packet of the Health Mix Powder

Health Mix Powder for Pregnant Women