Give with confidence!

Give with confidence!

Thank you for trusting IDRF with your donations, your volunteer time, and your goodwill. Your trust and support mean so much to us and the beneficiaries we serve without consideration for religion, caste, and creed. We are sending 100% of your donation to the intended beneficiaries during the COVID-pandemic in India! Read more on why should you DONATE to IDRF? 

Our new eco-friendly initiative!

Our new eco-friendly initiative!

Clean energy from a Bio-gas plant at IDRF-tribal girls’ hostel replaces 57 LPG cylinders per year! IDRF has supported the installation of a two-unit biogas plant on the 20-acres education campus in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. The plant runs on human and animal waste and meets the fuel needs in the kitchen at the hostel with 66 girls. More details

COVID-19 Relief Efforts- Second Wave (Since April 26th, 2021)

COVID-19 Relief Efforts- Second Wave (Since April 26th, 2021)

India is battling an unprecedented spike in coronavirus cases. Millions are suffering and in desperate need of food and basic essentials. There is an acute shortage of oxygen and other medical supplies for the patients. In 2020, IDRF donated $127,000 to India, $10,000 to Nepal, and $67,155 to the USA to provide relief kits to thousands of people hit hard by the pandemic. The situation in India today is a lot worse than it was last year.

During the tragic second wave, when the poor need your help more than ever, please continue your valuable support to IDRF. Your help will enable us to continue providing relief to those hit hardest by the pandemic.

How is IDRF helping?

During the second wave, IDRF is providing groceries, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, other medical supplies, managing vaccination centers and transporting people living in far flung areas to the vaccination centers. In addition to spreading awareness to prevent coronavirus and providing immediate medical help for patients, IDRF is also supporting a 100+ bed recovery center for those who no longer need hospitalization. To meet the current demands and to prepare for future waves of coronavirus, IDRF is also providing oxygen plants for small/medium hospitals. 

IDRF is collaborating with its reliable and trusted partners in India and has provided relief to people in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal, etc. and soon to Assam, Jharkhand, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

In order to optimize its resource utilization, IDRF is also supporting relief operations in India by other organizations in the USA, such as GWAPI and SEWA International.

What has been done so far…..

COVID-19 Relief Campaign in India-2020

COVID-19 Relief Campaign in India-2020

Please HELP the Poor get Food during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Millions of poor daily-wage earners in India have lost their livelihood and are on the verge of starvation…With India under complete lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, poor daily-wage earning migrant laborers have returned to their homes. IDRF is raising funds to help these extremely poor and unemployed by providing RELIEF KITS* with FOOD and ESSENTIALS to SAVE their FAMILIES FROM STARVATION.

UPDATE: IDRF has sent $127,000 to provide relief to the needy especially the poor migrant workers in Gorakhpur district (UP), Malda district (West Bengal), Ganjam and other districts (Odisha), Kutch district (Gujarat), Osmanabad district (Maharashtra), Madhubani district (Bihar), Kankhal district (Uttarakhand) and Ajmer district (Rajasthan).  IDRF has provided more than 6,510 Relief Kits (dry food and hygiene items) to struggling migrant worker families, medicinespersonal protection kits, and food to thousands of medical personnel, patients, family members, and hospital staff. In addition, thousands of destitute migrant workers were also provided snacks, water-bottles, facemasks, and sanitizers at the checkpoints on their journey back home. 

The spread and scale are enormous and we are expanding our relief campaign to other states of India as well to serve thousands more. Please don’t hesitate as time is not on our side.

HURRY and Make a tax-deductible donation today. Your donation of $1,000 will help 65 families for 15 days

The Federal Coronavirus Relief Bill grants taxpayers an above-the-line deduction for up to $300 (Standard Deduction) in charitable donations starting in 2020.

To combat this dire situation, IDRF is sending 100% of the donations received without keeping any administrative costs. IDRF is providing food and essentials to the needy regardless of religion, caste or creed through our trusted and long-time partners: Economic Rural Development Society in West Bengal, Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA” in Uttar Pradesh, Samerth Charitable Trust in Gujarat, Jnana Prabodhini in Maharashtra, Youth for Social Development and Sathya Sai Trust in Odisha, Gram Vikas Parishad in Bihar, Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram in Uttarakhand and Centre for Advocacy and Research in Rajasthan.

* RELIEF KITS include cooking oil, flour, lentils, sugar, spices, soya chunks, potatoes, tea packets, biscuits, soap, anti-septic liquid, and sanitary napkins, etc. 

For the 8th year in a row…

IDRF attains the highest rating of 4-stars from Charity Navigator for demonstrating strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency!!!

IDRF is among the 6% of organizations in the USA that exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in their area of work!

We couldn’t have received this top rating without you. Thank you for trusting IDRF with your donations, your volunteer time, and your good will. Your trust and support mean so much to us and the individuals and families we serve.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to empower the underprivileged in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka!

NGO: Santosh Kumar Kamlesh Singhal Saraswati Vidya Mandir (SKKS)


A team of dedicated professionals has developed a National System of Education which helps in building a generation of young men and women infused with patriotism, physical, mental, and spiritual development and capable of successfully facing challenges of life. These youth will contribute towards building a harmonious, prosperous, and culturally rich Nation.

IDRF partner since: 2018

Focus Area: Education

Location: Uttar Pradesh

Project Title: Funding request for a school for rural children (especially girls)


In 2018, a team of professionals started a school at a village Kanauja in Ghaziabad, about 25 km north of New Delhi. This new school spans over four floors and 16 classrooms. A team of 25 members works at the school and about 500 children are enrolled from nearby rural areas. The school is not-for-profit and provides quality and affordable education to children from economically weaker families and who are likely to drop out of school for lack of finances or facilities.

The school is funded by donations from individuals and does not get any financial assistance from the government. The school is governed by Vidhya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan. To achieve the goal of providing quality education to rural children, the school needs to create more facilities such as smart classrooms, improved computer lab, activity rooms, security, and CCTV system, and a sports complex. Donations are being sought to provide facilities at the school as well as to meet the annual educational and other essential expenses of the students.

Besides academics, the students are also engaged in vocational training, field trips, cleanliness drives, environmental camps, and evening coaching classes to help with the homework, etc. To encourage the children to attend school, they are also given toys, books, and other school supplies. Dedicated school teachers regularly visit the children at home to meet up with their parents and get them to be involved in their child’s education.

At present, the school has limited facilities and has initiated Phase-II of their building construction. A block of four floors with a covered area of 1,400 sq. meters will be added for which there is a dire need of funds.

Please contact for more details.

SKKS Saraswati Vidya Mandir School in village Kanauja, Uttar Pradesh

Annual Sports Day 2019

Summer Camp

Eye exam for the students

Student activities at the school

COVID-19 Relief Campaign-Nepal

COVID-19 Relief Campaign-Nepal

NGO: Public Health Concern Trust-NEPAL


Public Health Concern Trust, Nepal (phect-NEPAL) is a secular, non-political, not-for-profit national level Non-government Organization (NGO) committed to health development. It was founded in 1991, with the overall objective of developing a model of sustainable community health care throughout rural Nepal. 

IDRF Partner Since: 2012

Focus Area(s): Health and Disaster Rehabilitation

Location: Nepal

Project Title: COVID-19 Relief Campaign in Nepal


During the coronavirus pandemic, IDRF has sent $10,000 to Phect-Nepal to address specific needs at the Kathmandu Model Hospital. The grant helped cover the things such as:

  1. Financial help for hospital staff (laid off or has work hours reduced) 
  2. Operating costs that were impacted due to a reduction in the hospital’s revenue
  3. Procurement of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  4. Essential equipment for the care of in-patients during the pandemic
  5. Emergency supplies for virus control and containment, etc.