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More than 280 dead and 1,000+ injured in the horrific train accident in Odisha.

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Our partner organizations are assisting govt. authorities in rescuing people, removing dead bodies, and providing relief to survivors. Please HELP provide immediate relief and help families in coping with their losses. Select Designation: Support Odisha Train Accident Victims.

COVID-19 Relief Campaign-Nepal

COVID-19 Relief Campaign-Nepal

NGO: Public Health Concern Trust-NEPAL


Public Health Concern Trust, Nepal (phect-NEPAL) is a secular, non-political, not-for-profit national level Non-government Organization (NGO) committed to health development. It was founded in 1991, with the overall objective of developing a model of sustainable community health care throughout rural Nepal. 

IDRF Partner Since: 2012

Focus Area(s): Health and Disaster Rehabilitation

Location: Nepal

Project Title: COVID-19 Relief Campaign in Nepal


During the coronavirus pandemic, IDRF has sent $10,000 to Phect-Nepal to address specific needs at the Kathmandu Model Hospital. The grant helped cover the things such as:

  1. Financial help for hospital staff (laid off or has work hours reduced) 
  2. Operating costs that were impacted due to a reduction in the hospital’s revenue
  3. Procurement of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  4. Essential equipment for the care of in-patients during the pandemic
  5. Emergency supplies for virus control and containment, etc.
Donor Spotlight: A Unique Way to “Give-Back” and help the needy!

Donor Spotlight: A Unique Way to “Give-Back” and help the needy!

Dr. Bipin Patel is a highly respectable physician and a philanthropist in the United States. He always had a profound connection with India and a strong desire to give-back to his motherland. Dr. Patel found out that gifts of appreciated securities are a cost-effective way to help the underprivileged. Every year for over a decade now, he has been donating appreciated stocks to IDRF. IDRF sells these stocks immediately (unless advised otherwise) to support its various development programs and Dr. Patel is able to avoid the capital gains tax in addition to receiving a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock.