Donate to IDRF & Fight Corruption

Donate to IDRF & Fight Corruption

I am an Indian-American.  When I hear news about poverty and corruption in India, I sometimes wonder if there is any hope for underprivileged people. But there is. That hope is you.  You can empower them by donating to IDRF today.

You can give a village woman the strength to combat corruption. Sita Devi  (above) is an anganwadi worker who provides food, education and affection to poor kids in Bihar.  When she refused to pay bribes, her government boss accused her of corruption and cut off funding.  But with training from IDRF, Sita held a social audit, where her neighbors testified to her honesty in front of the press and officials.  She exposed the local government, and it IMMEDIATELY resumed funding the anganwadi!

India is full of people like Sita Devi, ready to stand up as soon you give them a helping hand.  Please visit our 2013 Appeal page to meet more inspiring people. You may mail a check to IDRF, 5821 Mossrock Dr, N Bethesda, 20852. Or you may donate online (by credit card or PayPal) at

Please donate today. IDRF cannot empower women and children without you.Vinod Prakash

Thank you,

Vinod Prakash
IDRF President and Founder