Donor Spotlight: A unique way to give-back- Prema and Anil Gogate

Donor Spotlight: A unique way to give-back- Prema and Anil Gogate

Gogates’ dream of giving back to their motherland came true through IDRF’s donor-advised program!

Prema and Anil Gogate are highly successful and respected members of the Indian-American community in California. They have always had a profound connection with India and a strong desire to give-back to their motherland. They came to know about IDRF’s donor-advised programs to make their dream of giving back to the needy.

The Gogates were able to send funds through IDRF to help the Maharashtra Girls’ Education Society, Huzurpaga, Pune towards the construction of a ladies’ hostel on their campus. The new hostel building constructed at Laxmi Road, Huzurpaga has 96 furnished dormitory rooms and is named in honor of ‘Srimati Nirmala Laxman Vaidya’, viz. the mother of Mrs. Prema Gogate.

Srimati Nirmala Laxman Vaidya Ladies Hostel with 96 furnished rooms

You can also partner with IDRF for our donor-advised and donor-preference programs and make your dream come true!

We maintain a close collaboration with the Indian-American community and offer a platform in the United States to ‘give back to our motherland or land of our ancestors’ and create lasting legacies. We offer you the privilege of choosing your dream project on any auspicious event, or in the memory of a loved one- by designating any non-profit organization in any part of India as your beneficiary under ‘Donor Advised’ program. If not sure what cause/NGO to support, donate to IDRF to avail of tax-deductions and your money will be saved under ‘Donor Preference’ till you have decided upon a cause dear to your heart!

Please contact us on or 301-704-0032 for more details.