Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

IDRF is proud to help thousands of Indian girls and women reach their goals through scholarships, vocational training, self-help groups, and other tools.  As we celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day, we salute the women of India and their struggle for equality.   IDRF has made major strides in women’s empowerment in the last 25 years.

Women in West Bengal run stores, farms, and beauty salons as part of our microcredit loan program.  These ladies are learning new skills, investing in their businesses and increasing family income two, three or even sixfold!  They enjoy greater respect from their male relatives and fellow villagers.  Promo 4 judo karatesmall

The girls at this CBSE-accredited school ace their exams, win karate matches, and sew their own  handicrafts.  This residential program provides free, high-quality education to tribal girls from the impoverished Northeast region.  Graduates return home as teachers and advocates of gender equality.  A magnanimous donation of $500 will support one girl for a year.

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Inspired by Gandhi ji’s philosophy of rural self-reliance, women are starting green businesses in Maharashtra.  These cooperatives use organic ingredients and clean energy to produce pickles, notebooks, incense, and more. By selling the goods at their own store, they earn higher prices and increase their income.  An energy-efficient organic cafeteria and a bakery are under construction.


But the challenges facing Indian girls are daunting.  There is much more work to do to secure a bright feature for each and every Indian girls. Success is only possible with the support of our donors and volunteers like you.  If you wish to support one of these these programs, visit our Donation page  and click “Make a Gift Now.”  Kindly add a note saying “microcredit,” “tribal girls,”  “or green business.” (You may donate by check, instead)