Not Just a Toilet! Sanitation, Freedom and Dignity

Not Just a Toilet! Sanitation, Freedom and Dignity

IDRF is bringing a simple yet a life-changing amenity to villages in remote parts of Gujarat, adding dignity to people’s lives. Thanks to one generous donor, we are funding the construction of 1,200 household sanitation units in a group of villages in the Kutch district at the western edge of India. 600 have been completed so far.  In some villages, these toilets have the dubious distinction of being the first ones ever!

Having a toilet is liberating for millions in rural India who otherwise have to defecate in open spaces and fields. Aside from enabling good sanitation and hygiene practices, a household toilet means safety and privacy for young girls and women who do not have to use secluded spots late at night.

These teenage girls from the Rabari tribe are grateful for their new private toilet

At Sabiraben’s place, the toilet is a “blessing” for a family with two children and an old father









IDRF has been working with Samerth Charitable Trust to implement this project. The villagers helped build their own units, allowing IDRF to leverage donor money to help more families.

This program is a continuation of our ongoing partnership with Samerth to bring safe water and sanitation to people in Kutch district.  IDRF has been active in this afflicted region since we provided rehabilitation services after the disastrous 2001 earthquake.