Good Governance

Good Governance (susashan) is the key to any Nation’s progress. An important step for good governance is the simplification of procedures and processes in the functioning of the government so that the entire system can become transparent and faster. The government that is committed to providing a transparent and accountable administration, works best for the betterment and welfare of common citizens. In order to achieve this it is imperative to bring government closer to the citizens, so that they become active participants in the governance process.
The Panchayat Raj in South Asia has been the oldest system of local government in the Indian Subcontinent. The villagers have been participating in local government through panchayat system, where gram panchayats are the basic units of local administration. With rampant corruption and officials wielding unquestioned authority, underprivileged people rarely have access or awareness about their rights and resources allocated for them. IDRF’s various strategic programs are helping build productive and honest relationships between local officials and marginalized poor rural and tribal people. Better governance through citizen participation and learning at grass-roots level, means greater success in all development projects, as it offers more opportunities for marginalized people in both rural and urban areas to advocate for themselves.

The following table contains IDRF’s current NGO-partners working on programs related to Good Governance: