Victims of “Himalayan Tsunami” Need Your Help

Over 8,000 people are still stranded after heavy rain devastated Uttarakhand state more than a week ago. The victims of this unprecedented disaster have adequate food and water, but rescue is dangerous.  Heavy rain and fog persist; just today, several people were killed in a rescue helicopter crash.   In this desperate situation, local people have selflessly opened their homes to victims.  These local villages will need substantial rehabilitation in the coming months, as their homes, farms, and businesses were decimated in the span of a few days.

With all civilians and NGOs barred from the high hills, India Development and Relief Fund’s partner NGOs are providing invaluable services at the base camps.   Doctors from Divya Prem Seva Mission’s (DPSM) Hardiwar clinic are working 24/7 on everything from basic care to surgery.  DPSM is also running health camps, distributing readymade food, and feeding people at a massive kitchen in Chandighat.  Our second partner, Uttaranchal Daivi Apda Peedit Sahayata Samiti, is working on similar efforts.

Hundreds of villages and thousands of lives are feared to be lost, as the monsoon has dropped 5-6 times the normal levels of rain.  Flooded rivers devastated four popular pilgrimage sites and submerged entire villages.

This tragedy compels us to come forward and extend maximum financial support.  Please donate generously to help these people.  IDRF has consultants on the ground now, and we will work directly with Divya Prem, Uttaranchal and other reputable local NGOs for relief and rehabilitation of the victims.  IDRF has 25 years of experience in turning disasters into opportunities for long-term development, and we take pride in ensuring our donors’ money is used properly.  All donations are tax-deductible in the US.

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PDF version of this page: IDRF Uttarakhand Flood 2nd appeal