Uttarakhand Devastated by Monsoon: Victims Need Your Urgent Help

Over 70,000 people are still stranded, after unprecedented floods and landslides devastated Uttarakhand state earlier this week.   Hundreds of villages and thousands of lives are feared to be lost, as the monsoon dropped 5-6  times the normal amount of rain.  Flooded rivers destroyed the area surrounding the Kedarnath temple and other busy pilgrimage sites, sweeping away 90 rest-houses at Kedarnath alone.

Rescue is extremely difficult because over 500 roads and the terrain is extremely treacherous.  The rescuers, who include the central and state government, the Border Police, and the Army, have saved more than 22,000 people.  But continuing rain has grounded rescue helicopters, and the Army is planning to send in 10,000 troops. After the rescue, local villagers will need substantial long-term assistance because their homes, farms, and businesses were devoured in the space of few days.  (Source: Hindustan Times)

This tragedy compels us to come forward and extend maximum financial support.  Please donate generously to help these people.  IDRF has consultants on the ground now, and we will work directly with 2 reputable local NGOs for relief and rehabilitation of the victims.  We welcome any volunteers who would like to help with the effort – please email us at info@idrf.org.

Donate Online:  Make an instant, secure donation.  Please add a note that says, “flood.”

Corporate Matching:   Your company might match your donation!  As a 501(c)(3) organization, IDRF is approved for dozens of corporate matching programs – including Google, Apple, Microsoft,  and Bank of America.  Ask your company’s HR office about matching  and put them in touch with us at info@idrf.org.

Donate by Mail: Mail a check payable to “IDRF,” with the memo item “flood” to 5821 Mossrock Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852.  Please include your email address.

Volunteer: Your time, talent, and skills are invaluable. Please email us at info@idrf.org.

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