Our organization is guided by experts from a wide variety of fields.  They are independent and voting members of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Vinod Prakash (PhD, Economics), North Bethesda, MD

Member since 1988
Dr. Vinod Prakash is a retired World Bank economist and the founder of IDRF.  He has been working pro bono since 1988 to help alleviate poverty and enable sustainable development in India. He provides strategic oversight to leverage maximum benefits from donor dollars and shapes programs so they address the interlocking needs of the less privileged.

Mr. Dileep Thatté (MS, Chemical Engineering; MBA) Gaithersburg, MD

Vice President
Member since November 2013
Mr. Thatté is a very active volunteer in the Indian-American community, working with IDRF, India Development Coalition of America, and his own organization.  He brings to IDRF great insight into grassroots development, communications, and management.  Before joining the board, he provided valuable advice as an informal adviser.

Dr. Prem Garg (PhD, Engineering-Economic Systems), Potomac, MD

Member since August 2014
Dr. Prem Garg retired from the World bank in 2007 after serving as the Director for the Quality Assurance Group and also in a variety of operational and executive positions for 35 years.  He is recognized as a leader in providing innovative approaches to development programs.  Prem Garg received his doctorate in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Mr. Rajeev Jain (PMP, MBA, B.Tech.), North Potomac, MD

Member since October 2020
Mr. Jain is a partner in a logistics software company, works as a strategic consultant and is an ex-World Banker.  Since 2016, he has been a technology adviser to IDRF.  Rajeev has held executive positions in technology companies and has been involved in 3-4 startups.  He is also active with other non-profits in the DC-metro area.  Rajeev finished his MBA from the University of Maryland and his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi.

Dr. Sasala Challa (Ph.D., Endocrinology), McLean, VA

Member since October 2013
 Dr. Challa is a small-business owner and a very active volunteer in the Indian-American community, supporting local senior citizens and children in the USA and India. Dr. Challa brings to IDRF enthusiasm, experience, and accounting skills.

Ms. Reena Goyal (Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Business), San Francisco, CA

Member since August 2016
Ms. Goyal is a business operations executive in San Francisco. She is a big supporter of girl’s empowerment through education and skill development. Over the last 12 years, she has been actively associated with many charities and has managed several projects to support girl’s education in India. While working on such a project in 2012, she first hand witnessed the impact of IDRF’s work and has been associated with IDRF since then by raising funds and supporting various projects.

Mr. Mohinder Gulati, ( MBA – Finance, Masters in Physics), Gaithersburg, MD

Member since December 2017
Mr. Gulati retired from the World Bank in 2015 after having served as Advisor (Energy) at the World Bank and as Chief Operating Officer of United Nations Sustainable Energy for All. He has also worked in several executive positions in India in a financial intermediary, commercial banking, investment banking, and armed forces. A post-graduate in Physics and Management from Delhi University and Management training at Harvard Business School, he brings forty years of development experience to the Board.

Dr. Suresh C. Gupta (M.D), Potomac, MD

Member since November 2020
Dr. Gupta is a highly respected physician who has been honored by the state of Maryland for his work as chair of the Maryland Board of Physicians. He has been elected as the first Indian-American president of Prince George’s Medical Society, Prince George’s Hospital Center, President of Hindu Temple, and President and Chairman of Durga Temple. He is actively involved in the cultural-philanthropic activities of the Indian-American community and several religious, health-related activities at the county and state level.  Before joining the IDRF board, Dr. Gupta has held leadership positions with several Indian-American organizations in the area.

Dr. G. R. Verma (Ph.D., Mathematics), Kingston, RI

Member since July 2011
Dr. Verma is among IDRF’s top donors. He visits India every year, devoting his resources to rural women’s education, self-empowerment and social reform. IDRF benefits tremendously from his extensive experience in development. He guides NGOs in India to create scalable projects that can accelerate social development.