Governance and Innovation

IDRF recognizes that its modest resources cannot be a substitute for the vast resources available under the various public sector programs for improving the delivery of basic needs and services to the poor and the marginalized. For lasting impact at scale, IDRF endeavors, therefore, to help improve the effectiveness of the relevant government programs through greater transparency, accountability and innovation in the implementation of those programs. The IDRF partners, building on their ground-level understanding of the mandates and functioning of the relevant programs, help empower the intended beneficiaries by raising awareness of their rights and responsibilities under those programs and supporting them in accessing the benefits to which they are entitled. To that end, IDRF encourages its partners to work cooperatively with the respective government agencies acting as eyes, ears and advocates of the poor and the marginalized. IDRF partners also look for opportunities for promoting greater efficiency and impact by nurturing innovation and social entrepreneurship in areas critical to needs of the poor and the disadvantaged.

The following table contains IDRF’s current NGO-partners working on programs related to Governance & Innovation:


Project : Good Governance: Increase Attendance of Women and Scheduled Caste Members at Gram Sabha Meetings

NGO : Arpana Research and Charities Trust and Association for Democratic & Inclusive Governance (ADIG)

Location : Haryana

Project : IPaidABribe, IChangeMyCity, Bala Janaagraha, imatter and Community Policing

NGO : Janaagraha Center for Citizenship & Democracy

Location : Urban India

Project : Pahal- Moving Towards Good Governance  (completed)

NGO : Transparency International of India

Location : Bihar