Featured Programs

The following are some of our ongoing programs for which we are seeking your generous donations in helping impoverished people get out of the vicious cycle of poverty and improve their lives. Please visit our program page for a comprehensive list of our active partners.

India Programs

Provide Computer Literacy to Underprivileged ChildrenComputer Shiksha (All Across India)

IDRF is seeking funds to continue a program in partnership with Computer Shiksha to impart free computer knowledge and digital skills to underprivileged children in different states of India. In order to take computer literacy to thousands of poor and rural children, who can make good use of technology to reduce challenges faced by their communities in every walk of life, IDRF needs your generous help. Total Cost per School for one year is $3,160.29. We are requesting you to sponsor 50 schools or at least 25 schools, so that we can together combat education inequality and provide technology access to poor and needy children to better their futures. One page appeal

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