NGO: Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti


Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS) is a non-government, social-service organization that started its work in 2003 and is committed to the empowerment of women in rural communities in Seloo Block, Wardha district, Maharashtra. Over the years MSS has supported several women’s self-help groups and helped in starting up various eco-friendly micro-enterprises run by women in their own villages.  Recently MSS has started a program, inspired by the national campaign of ‘Clean India Mission’ -to eradicate the problems of open defecation in villages of Seloo block.

.IDRF Partner Since: 2007

Focus Area(s): Health  and Eco-friendly Development .

Location: Maharashtra

Project Title: Rural Sanitation Units


Open defecation, unhygienic disposal of night soil and effluent water has been a common problem in villages of Wardha. Due to inadequate financial support by government, lack of skilled masons and technical expertise, there has been a limited construction of rural toilets in the area. The government gives assistance in the form of construction material and labor payment, while 50% of the total cost has to be borne by the beneficiary, which is often beyond their means.

With IDRF’s support, MSS is starting the program to eradicate the problems of open defecation and unhygienic conditions in 31 toilet-deficient villages in Seloo block. The project objective is to construct 1,000 sanitation units consisting of a toilet, bathroom and water storage tank that will benefit around 7,000 villagers. Cost of one sanitation unit is INR 29,000, of which INR 12,000 will be provided by state government and the remaining INR 17,000 ($ 270) to be provided by the NGO. This is an excellent example of Private-Public partnership for providing sanitation units to the villagers.

These sanitation units will provide the women and girls of 1,000 families a safe and secure structure to attend to their personal hygiene and free them from the agony, stress and risk associated with defecation in open unsafe places and bathing in unprotected spaces. These units will also put an end to open defecation related diseases. This decrease in diseases will reduce the medical expenses, improve health and increase the number of working days for the beneficiaries, thus, boosting the income of their households.

As part of the project, a team of master masons will be trained in the technology of construction of the sanitation units. This will also help generate local employment and provide livelihood to local artisans.

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