NGO: Animal Care Trust


Animal Care Trust has been operating in Karnata since 2000. Combatting India’s large problem of stray, abused, and neglected animals, ACT works to provide abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals with a save home. Snakes, birds, and other hurt animals are provided with veterinary attention and a space for recovery. ACT works to humanely control animal populations while educating the Indian populace regarding the importance for humane treatment of animals.

IDRF Partner Since: 2011

Focus Area: Ecofriendly Development

Location: Karnataka

Project Title: Vatsalya Shelter Staff Quarters


This project built a staff quarter to accompany ACT’s primary animal shelter in Karnataka. Due to the limited professional attention placed on the medical treatment and protection of animals, ACT sees great advantage in retaining their current dedicated staff. As such, they built staff quarters to eliminate the difficult commute to the shelter and enable the staff to continue their dedication to the well-being of animals in Karnataka.