NGO: Dharma Chakra Trust


The Dharma Chakra Trust opened its cow shelter in 2006 in Hosad village in Karnataka. The original intention of the shelter was to house sick, old, and orphaned cattle. However, in response to local need, the shelter soon began operating as a “cow bank.” They lend cattle to deserving farmers without the means to purchase their own cows outright. The shelter funds its operations by distilling and selling cow urine and manure, in addition to donations from individuals and organizations like IDRF.

IDRF Partner Since: 2011

Focus Area: Ecofriendly Development

Location: Karnataka

Project Title: Biogas Plant & Slurry Tank for Cow Shelter/Bank


In order to increase the sustainability of the cow bank/shelter’s operations, IDRF has supported the installation of a biogas plant to reduce the dependence on firewood for urine distillation. The addition of the slurry tank will allow the shelter to grow more grass and significantly decrease the cost of feeding the cows.