Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Maharashtra

Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Maharashtra

Unveiling the Fascinating Insights on IDRF's Collaboration with Dr. Hedgewar Hospital

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Anant Bhandari, the co-founder of Dr. Hedgewar Hospital in Aurangabad, embarked on his international journey to Washington, DC. During his visit, he had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vinod Prakash and his wife Sarla, a delightful coincidence as he hailed from the same town as Anjali’s (Dr. Prakash’s daughter-in-law) grandfather.

This was the beginning of a long-standing association between Dr. Bhandari and IDRF. Dr. Prakash generously extended his support to Dr. Bhandari for his hospital in India by assisting with fundraising, finance, and promotional activities in the USA.

Dr. Bhandari and five other medical students had made a conscientious decision: rather than pursuing medical practice solely for their benefit, they would dedicate themselves to serving the community. They set up a hospital and named it Dr. Hedgewar Hospital. The small-scale hospital worked towards making a significant impact on the community by providing quality healthcare services. At that time, Dr. Prakash and his wife Sarla, visited this hospital and were impressed by the extraordinary work being carried out by their dedicated medical team.

Dr. Prakash recognized the immense potential this hospital possessed and felt compelled to assist them further. To ensure the hospital's continued growth and success, he decided to promote it in the USA and garner funds through VHS promotion to make people realize the efficient healthcare services offered by its dedicated medical team.

We are delighted to showcase the enduring collaboration of IDRF with Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, a remarkable long-term partnership committed to providing exceptional healthcare. Further, IDRF proudly supported the establishment of the prestigious Dr. Hedgewar Hospital in Sambhaji Nagar, operating under the esteemed name of Baba Ambedkar Vaidhkiya Pratisthan.

Therefore, thanks to the unwavering commitment of Dr. Anant and five diligent medical students, alongside the invaluable support provided by IDRF, they have successfully relocated to a more expansive campus in Sambhaji Nagar.

The journey of the hospital in Nashik has been truly remarkable. It started as a 10-bed hospital and gradually evolved into a 300-bed multi-specialty hospital. This incredible transformation was made possible with the invaluable assistance of IDRF, who played a crucial role in acquiring the land for the hospital. Notably, this project has emerged as one of the shining accomplishments of IDRF.

One amazing memory from this project stands out as truly miraculous. Dr. Prakash recounted the unbelievable incident of how Dr. Anant managed to secure a meeting with the esteemed Mr. Ratan Tata (an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Group), initially scheduled for a mere 10 minutes. However, the meeting exceeded all expectations and lasted for a remarkable 30 minutes. To everyone's astonishment, Mr. Tata generously granted a whopping one crore rupees as a grant. Dr. Anant also extended a heartfelt invitation to Mr. Tata to inaugurate the hospital, a gesture of deep gratitude.

After several years, Dr. Anant joyfully informed IDRF that they had become self-reliant and no longer needed any funding for their hospital. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the hospital's dedication and the impact of IDRF's support.

In their partnership with IDRF, they have included a substantial medical ambulance with a doctor, compounders, nurses, X-ray machines, and other essential medical facilities to extend healthcare services to slum areas, reaching those in desperate need.

This success story not only showcases the immense accomplishments of IDRF but also highlights the profound impact of the long-term partnership between IDRF and Dr. Hedgewar Hospital.

Together, they have created a legacy of success in providing quality healthcare to those in need.

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