How did IDRF connect with the Swa-Roopwardhinee in Pune, Maharashtra?

How did IDRF connect with the Swa-Roopwardhinee in Pune, Maharashtra?

In this blog, we are pleased to share inspiring information about IDRF’s partner NGO of more than 22 years, Swa-Roopwardhinee in Pune, Maharashtra. Two decades ago, Dr. Prakash met Shirish Patvardhan, the founder of the Swa-Roopwardhinee NGO. Shirish was a retired schoolteacher, and one day, he found that many children in his neighborhood were idly passing their precious time without any studies or other constructive activities. He invited children and their parents and persuaded them to start some extra-curricular activities. Initially, he started teaching children and inspired them to best utilize their time in other activities.

Dr. Prakash met Shirish during his visit to Washington DC and IDRF decided to join hands with Swa-Roopwardhinee.  On their trips to India, Dr. Prakash and Sarla visited the organization to see their various development programs.

Furthermore, he recollects a memorable incident in which a donor from California donated $100,000 to IDRF for Swa-Roopwardhinee. When Dr. Prakash asked him the reason for donating such a big amount, he replied that his mother told him to donate to a noble cause, and he was fulfilling her wishes. Dr Prakash was very pleased with his generosity and with his mother’s philanthropic ideals to help the poor people in India.

Since then, IDRF has continually provided its support to Swa-Roopwardhinee. The main objective of the education program was to ensure that the children get good education and coaching facilities. Subsequently, sports activities and yoga were also introduced to improve children’s mental and physical growth as well as confidence levels.

In addition, IDRF also supports women's empowerment programs through Swa-Roopwardhinee. Sewing and tailoring training has been started to financially empower women and give them dignity in society. After completion of their training, Swa-Roopwardhinee provides sewing machines to help them with self-employment.

IDRF has supported Swa-Roopwardhinee in starting “schools on wheels” by providing vans for mobile schools. Swa-Roopwardhinee provided teachers, blackboards, and other basic facilities for teaching children in slum areas and nearby villages of Pune.

Thus, IDRF has helped Swa-Roopwardhinee accomplish several sustainable programs for the underserved since starting their partnership in 2001.

You can also join us in providing education to children and vocational training programs for women by donating to IDRF. For more information about our development programs, contact

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