How did IDRF partner with Upkar NGO, USA?

How did IDRF partner with Upkar NGO, USA?

IDRF, a renowned US nonprofit, supports those in need in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and consistently leads the way in providing essential support for various causes such as health, education, women empowerment, and many others. In this blog, we delve into the inspiring journey of IDRF by Dr. Vinod Prakash and his impactful partnership since 2003 with UPKAR based in Maryland, USA.

About two decades ago, Dr. Prakash's family friend, Dr. Nirupama Rohatgi, approached him regarding a scholarship program being offered by Upkar to empower and support young Indian Americans in pursuing their higher education dreams through scholarships. She suggested Dr. Prakash join this noble program and make a valuable contribution, considering his familiarity with the admirable work of IDRF. She shared with Dr. Prakash the plight of numerous second-generation Indian families in the USA who struggle to bear the college education expenses for their children after completing high school. Thus, getting support from IDRF would have made a significant difference in the lives of many aspiring students.

Each academic year, Upkar grants an amount of $2,000 per student. The sole condition for each student to maintain eligibility for the following year's scholarship is to achieve a B grade or higher. Dr. Prakash promptly agreed to extend his support to Upkar. Even after two decades, IDRF continues to provide university scholarships to two students annually. Driven by the belief that enabling young minds to achieve higher education and fulfill their ambitions is a truly noble endeavor, Dr. Prakash remains firm in his commitment to transforming the lives of deserving students.

Hence, this praiseworthy initiative by IDRF not only aids the needy but also flourishes as a triumphant educational program. Please contact us at to donate to the various charities supported by IDRF to help the needy.

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