How did IDRF’s Hostel for Tribal Girls start at Shiksha Bharati?

How did IDRF’s Hostel for Tribal Girls start at Shiksha Bharati?

IDRF Hostel - An Inspiring Education Initiative for Underprivileged Tribal Girls

Discover an incredible endeavor, led by Dr. Prakash, the visionary founder of the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), a renowned US-based nonprofit supporting charities in India. Here we share the remarkable story that unfolded 25 years ago.

Back then, three driven individuals associated with Shiksha Bharti, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, India, embarked on a transformative journey to Washington with their noble mission. To seek out Dr. Prakash of IDRF, renowned for supporting charities in India. They arrived with a genuine purpose - to secure crucial funds and uplift education among tribal girls at their education campus.

  • Moved by their determination and the thoughtfulness behind their comprehensive five-stage plan, Dr. Prakash wholeheartedly accepted their noble project. Fueling the initial stage, he wisely advised them to utilize funds raised with the help of IDRF to acquire land. Agreeing to this guidance, they purchased a sprawling 37-acre area, which has since evolved into the largest campus of a private school.
  • With the first stage successfully realized, Dr. Prakash unveiled the blueprint for the subsequent stages of this transformative endeavor. In the second stage, he encouraged the team to focus on the underprivileged girls from the tribal communities by providing them with safe lodging and boarding away from their homes.
  • The hostel was carefully constructed to accommodate 108 girls with 18 rooms. Each room has two-level beds, allowing six girls to comfortably stay together.
  • The hostel is not just limited to providing lodging, as it offers a range of essential facilities. These include a well-equipped kitchen, a spacious dining hall, indoor recreational activities, and skill development opportunities. It is worth noting that this hostel initially began with only 12 girls; over time, more and more girls have joined. The main reason for this influx is the opportunity to pursue their education up to the 10th or 12th grade in the C.B.S.E. affiliated English-medium school. However, for tribal girls, this journey is not without challenges. To address this, the hostel has initiated a coaching class system where senior girls take the responsibility of teaching the younger girls.
  • IDRF provides 100% funding to support the hostel girls in terms of lodging, boarding, and even traveling. It is also made sure that nutritious meals are provided for these girls, which is essential for their mental and physical growth. The ultimate aim of IDRF is to empower and equip them for higher studies and a dignified life ahead.
  • A unique and impactful step taken by IDRF includes introducing fresh cow milk to the hostel girls. To ensure a sustainable supply, it has gradually built up a herd of 18 to 20 cows, thereby enhancing the nutritional aspect of their diet. Additionally, the kitchen has been upgraded with the installation of a biogas unit, which has significantly cut down the cost of LPG cylinders and increased the environmental efficiency of the hostel.
  • Vidhya Bharti makes the selection process for admission of the hostel girls from states such as Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Tripura into their hostel.
  • Shiksha Bharti and IDRF provide tuition fees for those hostel girls aspiring to pursue higher education. Vocational training programs are conducted frequently to empower these girls with the necessary skills for securing better employment opportunities.
  • IDRF extends its invaluable support for the education and maintenance of the girls' hostel in two easy ways:
  • An Endowment Fund: a one-time donation of $10,000 is invested in a long-term fixed deposit, ensuring a steady stream of interest takes care of the educational and hostel expenses of the girls in perpetuity.
  • The Annual Support system: a donation of $550 annually takes care of all educational and hostel expenses for one girl for one year. Any additional funds are utilized for coaching, regular health checkups, vacation & study trips, etc.
  • IDRF also provides excursions for hostel girls to various nearby destinations like Delhi, Kurukshetra, Amritsar, etc. These trips provide an incredible opportunity for the girls to expand their horizons.

Thus, the IDRF-supported hostel stands as a remarkable achievement in providing quality education to underprivileged girls and showcasing IDRF’s commitment to empowering tribal girls with a bright future.

Join us in supporting this inspiring education project - a testament to the power of philanthropy, and unwavering dedication to empowering deprived communities. Together, we can create lasting change and pave the way to help the poor in India for a better tomorrow!

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