How did “Sarla’s Kitchen start and benefit the deaf students?

How did “Sarla's Kitchen start and benefit the deaf students?

IDRF always adopts new ideas for helping needy people in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. In this blog about IDRF, we have shared many memorable events associated with Dr. Prakash’s life to inspire other people to join him in his journey of helping the marginalized.

In this blog, Dr. Prakash has shared some innovative efforts initiated by his wife, Sarla to raise funds for partner charities in India.

During their visit to India, the Prakashs visited Baliganj, in Kolkata. They went to the deaf school with Sarla’s friend, who worked there as a volunteer. When they visited the school, they saw that the deaf students and their parents were deprived of many essential things like nutritious food, and healthcare, etc.

Looking at all this Sarla decided to raise funds for deaf children. When she returned to the USA, she started arranging fundraisers every year with her group of friends. She called it Sarla’s Kitchen and each year chose a different state of India and prepared popular cuisines from there. The events became so popular that women from the USA and other countries also started attending Sarla’s Kitchen. The cover price for these fundraisers was $25 per participant.

To motivate her, Dr. Prakash told her that whatever amount she raises, IDRF will match the funds. Thus, every year she was able to send $1,200 to $1,800 in funds to the deaf school. This effort by Sarla greatly benefitted the students and their parents at the deaf school for more than a decade.

Thus, Sarla’s Kitchen set an example that even a simple housewife can help the needy in India.

Please let us know if you would like to fundraise for IDRF and help the cause dear to your heart! IDRF ensures the most effective, efficient, and transparent utilization of your donations for the development work for the poor in India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka.

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