How do we select a project?

How do we select a project?

IDRF, is one of the reputed Indian charity organizations in the USA successfully empowering underprivileged people in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka since 1988. The work of IDRF is not limited to any state or region and covers several themes such as education, health, woman empowerment, etc. The mission of this charity supporting India is carried out by funding projects managed by reliable NGO partners.  

Dr. Prakash commented on some key criterion IDRF uses to select projects for fundings, such as:

  1. He clarified that grants to Indian NGOs should be for projects which don’t favor any religion, caste, or creed
  2. Further, he mentioned that we are committed to the socio-economic development of India, especially in rural areas. Hence, we verify all the past records of the NGOs, as well as their administration, management, capability, and resources in terms of manpower, prior to selecting the project.
  3. The NGO partner should also be capable of raising partial funds for the project.
  4. We consider projects/NGOs based on donor suggestions too. But, before accepting the donor’s advice, we ensure that all terms of the project or NGO fulfills IDRF’s selection criteria, which we have mentioned in our last blog for selecting an NGO.
  5. When selecting any project, IDRF prefers projects associated with their focusing areas, such as educating poor girls/children, health for the rural poor, helping the poor, governance & innovation, environment sustainability, and women empowerment in India.
  6. Our nonprofit in the USA supporting India aims to bring innovation through improving the quality of education of children in government schools, especially for children from slum areas, added Dr. Prakash.
  7. The Operations team of this responsible American Indian Charity not only provides funds but also ensures the successful execution and completion of the project by the NGO being funded as well.
  8. IDRF financially supports many NGOs looking for donations to India from the USA in scores of projects across multiple states in India. All details of its work are provided on its website, like project name, funding, brief description, etc.
  9. Also, auditor reports and financial statements are publicly available.
  10. As one of the reliable American Indian Charities never discloses donor details to anyone.

IDRF, India Development and Relief Fund is one of the prominent Nonprofits in the USA Supporting India that always works by accepting challenges, adopting new technology & innovation, and adhering to good practices. 

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Reach us to donate to India's poor in need from the US through such innovative & development works. Your support will be helpful in succeeding our Indian charity projects successful.

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