How IDRF Connected with Maharshi Dayanand Mahila Sikshan Sansthan Samiti?

How IDRF Connected with Maharshi Dayanand Mahila Sikshan Sansthan Samiti?

As a prominent nonprofit in the USA, IDRF’s remarkable journey includes several charity, development, and rehabilitation endeavors across nations like India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Join us on this captivating journey of IDRF as we highlight the incredible contributions of Dr. Vinod Prakash. Today, we discuss how IDRF connected with the Maharshi Dayanand Mahila Sikshan Sansthan Samiti, an NGO in Rajasthan founded by the visionary Dr. Ghasi Ram Verma. Prepare to be inspired!!

Dr. Prakash had the incredible privilege of befriending Dr. Ghasiram Verma, an immensely inspiring individual. This association fills him with immense pride, for Dr. Verma's noteworthy accomplishments have touched countless lives. Known fondly as ‘Crorepati Fakir’, he has truly earned this title by selflessly giving away a significant portion of his earnings, especially on girl child education in many villages of Rajasthan. Hailing from a humble village in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, Dr. Verma's family faced insurmountable financial struggles to support his education. However, his unwavering commitment to learning, evident from a tender age, paved the way for scholarships and he went on to study for a PhD in Mathematics and got an opportunity to join the esteemed faculty at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rhode Island, USA, thereby solidifying his reputation as an eminent mathematician.

Dr. Prakash established a connection with Dr. Verma long before the inception of IDRF while working at the University of Rhode Island.

Despite living in the USA, Dr. Verma did not let go of the memories of his challenging educational journey during childhood and made a remarkable decision to provide generous contributions to educational institutions in his village. In 1982, he took a significant step by establishing the Maharshi Dayanand Mahila Sikshan Sansthan Samiti, with a noble mission of educating underprivileged rural girls in Rajasthan. He also extended his financial support to numerous educational organizations and hostels for girls. Dr. Verma's selfless dedication and commitment highlight the power of education and its potential to create a brighter future for all. Dr. Verma has served as a Board Member of IDRF since 2011 and Member Emeritus since July 2022.

After residing in the USA for several decades, he returned to India after retirement to continue his charitable endeavors. Dr. Prakash has financially supported many initiatives, such as the construction of science labs, conference halls, staff quarters, etc at school and college set up by Dr. Verma. This shared commitment to noble causes has transformed their friendship into a strong collaboration.

Dr. Verma at the age of 96, and Dr, Prakash at 91, continue to make outstanding contributions in serving their motherland. Their unwavering dedication and selflessness set an unprecedented example, inspiring countless individuals to realize that age should never hinder those who are genuinely driven to help the less fortunate.

Dr. Prakash has connected with numerous dedicated humanitarians throughout the journey of IDRF and by supporting IDRF, you can also join this remarkable initiative and help deserving charities in India.

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