How IDRF Provided Relief Fund During Earthquake in Latur – Maharashtra

How IDRF Provided Relief Fund During Earthquake in Latur – Maharashtra

Dr. Vinod Prakash, the visionary behind the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), has dedicated his life to serving his motherland with utmost devotion. As one of the leading US Charities supporting India, IDRF strives to bring about positive changes and make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Through IDRF, Dr. Prakash has established a remarkable initiative that extends financial aid to various NGOs in India, empowering them to uplift impoverished communities in rural areas. This invaluable support is vital in providing the less fortunate with access to essential healthcare, education, and the means to build a better future.

Furthermore, IDRF extends its philanthropic efforts beyond India, reaching out to Nepal and Sri Lanka as well. By focusing on empowering women and underprivileged communities, IDRF plays a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive and equal society throughout these regions. 

Not only does Dr. Prakash remain committed to long-term development, but he also actively contributes to rehabilitation efforts in the aftermath of major disasters. This selfless dedication to providing relief and assistance has been evident in IDRF's remarkable response during the devastating earthquake in Latur, Maharashtra.

In 1993, a deadly earthquake struck the Latur district in Maharashtra and wreaked havoc across 52 villages, resulting in the tragic loss of over 8000 lives. In addition, countless buildings were reduced to rubble, leaving the affected communities shattered and in desperate need of assistance.

The US Information Service (USIS) contacted the Indian Embassy in Washington DC and wanted to know whether the Indian American Community was doing anything to help the earthquake victims. Their inquiry led them to know the commendable contributions of Dr. Prakash, who had been actively involved in fundraising initiatives through IDRF to aid the Latur earthquake victims. IDRF provided a major grant for relief and rehabilitation in the earthquake-affected areas.

Recognizing the significance of Dr. Prakash's compassionate actions, the USIS decided to capture his inspiring story. They recorded a compelling video interview with Dr. Prakash and his wife Sarla, encapsulating their selfless efforts to make a positive difference.

The USIS, recognizing the universal relevance of Dr. Prakash's story, decided to broadcast the impactful 15-minute interview not only in India but also across the entire Asian region. By sharing this interview, they aimed to inspire others to join in extending a helping hand to those in need.

As the interview concluded, the interviewer posed a question to Dr. Prakash, "You must belong to Maharashtra". Dr. Prakash instantly replied, “I am not Maharashtrian, but it doesn’t matter in which state the tragedy occurred, for me, the entire country is my Motherland”. 

This heartwarming story of Dr. Prakash's dedicated endeavor serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of tragedy, humanity can unite to bring about positive change.

At IDRF, our primary focus is serving the underprivileged people, regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to this cause by providing swift and effective support during numerous devastating events, such as the Bhopal gas tragedy, the Gujarat earthquake, the Orissa super cyclone, and many more, which will be discussed in our upcoming blogs.

If you have the desire to help the underprivileged in your native state or would like to donate to support our efforts in India, please reach out to us at 

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