IDRF’s Association with Sahaj Seva Samsthan, Telangana

IDRF’s Association with Sahaj Seva Samsthan, Telangana

Established in 1988 under the visionary leadership of Dr Vinod Prakash, the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) has consistently made remarkable developments in uplifting deprived communities in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. With unwavering dedication, as a renowned US nonprofit charity, IDRF has embarked on numerous successful projects, aiming to provide a brighter future for impoverished children, women, and individuals. At the very core of IDRF's mission lies a devoted commitment to transforming healthcare, education, and self-reliance for those in dire need.

Today, we highlight the association formed between IDRF and Sahaj Seva Samsthan (SSS) in Telangana. Founded by Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Uttar Pradesh, SSS has a noble vision - to provide free or affordable education and healthcare to underprivileged communities of Telangana.

Some years ago, the leaders of SSS reached out to Dr. Prakash, seeking his invaluable support. During their meeting, they discussed the impactful work of their organization and the need to raise funds for many noble causes. Dr. Prakash wholeheartedly agreed to extend his assistance by actively fundraising for SSS.

The spiritual leader of SSS based in California has several supporters in the United States, which helps IDRF in raising funds for them. SSS undertook a significant mission of constructing a medical hospital with modern equipment in Andhra Pradesh, demonstrating its commitment to transforming lives and providing crucial healthcare services.

After some time, a division occurred within the leadership of SSS, resulting in its division into two distinct parts. One remained under the founder's guidance, while the other came under the leadership of Mr. Rajiv Kaza. Although separate entities, both organizations shared the same noble objective of serving their motherland, and interestingly, they chose to retain the same name for their respective organizations. They lived in California for many years, and both have many supporters. Mr. Rajiv Kaza has an FCRA certificate for his NGO, while Mr. Ramchandraji Maharaj had to wait for three years to get his certificate.

After spending several years abroad Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj returned to his homeland, India. His team continued their tireless efforts in the USA to raise funds through the support of IDRF.

Through the collaborative efforts of IDRF and the supporters of both SSS leaders, remarkable achievements have been realized. Several noble projects, including the construction of a medical hospital, have been accomplished. This unmatched establishment stands as a beacon of hope, offering modern medical services that profoundly benefit underprivileged communities in dire need of quality healthcare treatment.

Therefore, with the generous efforts of IDR, SSS has been empowered to extend its philanthropic endeavors in uplifting underserved communities. By enhancing access to essential healthcare services and providing a gateway to free education, they are transforming the lives of myriad individuals in need.

Join us in supporting IDRF’s noble works. Contact us to donate to IDRF at or call 1-855-INDIA-HELP.

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