IDRF’s association with Vikas Bharti, Jharkhand.

IDRF’s association with Vikas Bharti, Jharkhand.

Through its noble mission of charity and development, IDRF has fostered meaningful connections with esteemed and renowned NGOs across India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Today, we are highlighting one exceptional NGO in the state of Jharkhand (formerly Bihar) in India. The remarkable journey began when Dr. Vinod Prakash, founder of IDRF, met Dr. Rakesh Popli through their common friend in Washington DC. Their meeting paved the way for an extraordinary collaboration between IDRF and Vikas Bharti. Join us as we explore the captivating story of how these visionary individuals united to ignite a powerful force for change and progress in the highly backward areas of Bihar.

Vikas Bharti presents a range of development programs aiming to uplift the economic prospects of tribal and rural communities. Founded in 1983 by a group of visionary individuals, including Dr. Rakesh Popli (IIT Kanpur) and Dr. Ashok Bhagat (recipient of the esteemed Padma Shri award in 2015 for his outstanding contributions to social services), today, the organization has proudly earned the title of being the largest NGO in the state.

IDRF generously provided funding to Vikas Bharti, enabling it to facilitate numerous rural development initiatives. Initially faced with a lack of accommodation during the team’s visits for different programs, IDRF funded the construction of a guest house in Ghumla.

In another instance, IDRF played a pivotal role in establishing Krishi Vigyan Kendra in each district of the state. The impact of this project was so profound that the government was thoroughly impressed and subsequently assumed responsibility for its operations. The management prowess of Dr. Bhagat was exceptional and the government entrusted him with running the Kendra without the need for additional government personnel and even provided funds to ensure its smooth functioning.

The exemplary ethical and dedicated work carried out by Vikas Bharti has garnered immense appreciation and support from the state and central governments, leading them to collaborate on numerous joint initiatives

Dr. Prakash also talks about an impactful endeavor focused on initiating primary education for children. With the support of IDRF and Vikas Bharti, school children receive quality education in the region.

IDRF in partnership with Vikas Bharti has had an empowering impact on rural communities through numerous transformative initiatives. One particularly noteworthy scheme involved equipping villagers with essential skills to cultivate their land. Imagine the potential when every household in a village taps into the resource of their plot, big or small, to grow something valuable!

Thanks to the relentless dedication of Vikas Bharti and IDRF, this program has achieved astounding success, drawing admiration from both the state and central governments. It has become a shining example of community development, specifically orchestrated by the women who took charge and made it thrive.

Another noteworthy initiative that was implemented as part of the program focused on enhancing rice production. Previously, only 10% of the rice produced was reserved for reseeding in the next crop, while 90% was sold in the market. However, with support from IDRF, the farmers trained by Vikas Bharti were able to significantly improve the quality of their rice output. This led to an impressive increase in the production of quality rice, which now accounts for 20% of their overall yield. Farmers no longer need to rely on burdensome loans from lenders to nourish their crops. Witnessing this transformative success, Vikas Bharti took their commitment a step further by establishing a Farmers Co-operative. This remarkable program not only thrived but also enabled farmers to manage their operations independently and efficiently.

A few years back, Dr. Bhagat graciously informed Dr. Prakash that Vikas Bharti had attained self-sufficiency, and would no longer require external funding. It has indeed been a privilege for Dr. Prakash to collaborate with such a prestigious NGO, alongside reputable individuals like the honored Padma Shri awardees Dr. Ashok Bhagat and the late Dr. Rakesh Popli.

If you share our passion for philanthropy and wish to contribute to IDRF's charitable endeavors, aiding in the development and rehabilitation programs for the underserved, please write to or give us a call at 1-855-INDIA-HELP.

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