India Floods- 2017

Due to heavy rains, many parts in India like: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan, etc. experienced floods during the monsoons of 2017. Scores of people were killed and thousands rendered homeless. Rescue efforts on a war-footing by army and paramilitary rescue workers were carried out to evacuate people stranded on rooftops and trees and others were relocated from low-lying areas. Military personnel had to be called upon to help rescue thousands of people marooned due to floods. IDRF promptly launched the disaster relief/rehabilitation programs through its reputable partner-NGOs: Economic Rural Development Society (ERDS) in West Bengal, Gram Vikas Parishad in Bihar, Manav Seva Sansthan in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Samerth Charitable Trust in Gujarat.

NGO: Economic Rural Development Society (ERDS)

ERDS in West Bengal distributed Food Kits, each comprised of rice, flour, sugar and milk etc. to 100 flood affected families.

Devastation caused by floods in West Bengal- 2017

NGO: Gram Vikas Parishad

In Bihar, IDRF helped Gram Vikas Parishad distribute 100 Relief Kits to affected families. Each kit included: rice, flour, polythene sheets for temporary shelter, medicines and life jackets. Most of the flood ravaged villages comprise of elderly, women and children who had lost everything and were confronted with near-starvation like situation.

Distribution of Relief Kits to flood victims in Bihar


NGO: Manav Seva Sansthan

Manav Seva Sansthan distributed relief items to 100 flood affected families in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The relief items included ready to eat dry foods, non-Perishable food items like Wheat Flour, Rice, Oil, Pulses, Sugar, food containers, water filter, mosquito nets and hygiene kits. The beneficiaries included families from schedule caste, women headed families, widows and differently abled. The beneficiary families were identified in coordination with local government authorities and community members.  Token based distribution mechanism was adopted to avoid duplicity and ensure full transparency.  During the distribution the beneficiaries were briefed on healthy hand hygiene habits and encouraged to use toilets for defecation.


Distribution of Relief Material in Eastern Uttar Pradesh


NGO: Samerth Charitable Trust

Samerth in Gujarat distributed relief kit along with food grains to the 100 poorest of poor families living in interior parts of Gujarat. Samerth team had identified these families from 27 villages in the flood ravaged areas.

Hundreds of houses were badly damaged & acres of land got submerged under water and covered in flood-water sand. For thousands of victims in the disaster affected villages, agriculture is the only means of livelihood. Samerth has identified 80 families who have lost their livelihood as a part of the rehabilitation process.  With the financial support of IDRF, Samerth has been able to help resettle the poor villagers by providing them with potter’s wheels, masonry and agriculture kits, sheep, goats, buffaloes, fodder, milk cans and sewing machines, etc.

Relief and rehabilitation work for flood victims in Gujarat



Rehabilitation kits were given to 80 poorest families