Nepal Earthquake- 2015

A massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, killing thousands and rendering hundreds of thousands homeless with entire villages flattened across the country. A series of aftershock began immediately and triggered more destruction by avalanches and landslides. Within a few days, on May 12, another major aftershock of magnitude 7.3 Richter scale caused more destruction and the number of dead rose to 9,000 and injured to 22,000.

IDRF promptly launched its special fundraising campaign and funds started pouring in.  Due to the benevolence of several individual supporters and organizations, IDRF was able to send funds through longtime partner-NGO Manav Seva Sansthan to provide immediate relief to the victims. IDRF also extended help to Public Health Concern Trust, based in Nepal, to set up the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Kirtipur Hospital to deal with the overwhelming demands of surgery for the victims who had suffered serious injuries as a result of the earthquakes.

Earthquake victims receiving the Relief Kits

NGO: Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”

Partner Since: 2013

IDRF funds enabled Manav Seva Sansthan, based in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, to procure and distribute two types of relief-kits to 160 families in Gorkha district of Nepal: the ‘Non-food-relief items kit’, consisted of woolen blankets, clothes for the whole family and kitchen utensils. The other kit was the ‘Shelter and Hygiene kit’, which consisted of tarpaulin cloth, nylon rope needed for setting up tent and hygiene supplies like: soaps, undergarments, towel, comb, toothpaste and tooth brushes, etc.

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NGO: Public Health Concern Trust-NEPAL

Partner Since: 2012

Right after the disastrous earthquake in Nepal, IDRF supporters and donors, wholeheartedly helped Kathmandu Model and Kirtipur Hospitals to serve more than 1,000 patients and 220 through surgical interventions. IDRF sent grants to establish and upgrade ICU facility and post-operative room at Kirtipur Hospital.

With IDRF and other organizations’ help, Public Health Concern Trust-Nepal was able to provide free medical and surgical care and hospital stay to the earthquake victims. Since most of the patients have lost their homes and belongings in the disaster, meals and a place to stay were also provided to their caretakers.

ICU at Kirtipur Hospital

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