NGO: Chaitanya Trust

NGO: Chaitanya Trust

Chaitanya is a developmental non-profit organization established in 1993, as a pioneer of community based micro-finance institutions in Maharashtra. It has been a catalyst in facilitating the process to help the rural women out of the vicious cycle of poverty and bring about gender parity. Chaitanya has been able to provide the women a platform which can address their financial and social needs at grassroots level. Their programs are mutually reinforcing and try to address social issues in a holistic manner. Chaitanya not only develops village level people’s institutions as the core of development process, but also tries to form a sustainable partnership with local organizations.

IDRF partner since: 2005

Women-run Enterprise: Cattle Management

Women-run Enterprise: Flour Mill

Women-run Enterprise: Papad Making

Please click on the link to learn more about Chaitanya Trust’s various programs.

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