NGO: Shiksha Bharati


Shiksha Bharati is an educational institution that is devoted to the cause of the empowerment of girls. The education complex comprises a senior secondary school for girls, an IDRF hostel for tribal girls, a B. Ed college, herbal garden, and gaushala (animal shelter) on a 20-acre campus, some 65 kilometers east of New Delhi. IDRF provides free value-based education, board, and lodging to underprivileged tribal girls from northeast India. The IDRF-supported hostel can accommodate 100 students and is attached to the C.B.S.E. accredited senior secondary school.

IDRF Partner Since: 2001

Focus Area: Education, Women Empowerment and Eco-friendly Development

Location: Hapur, Uttar Pradesh

Project Title: Biogas plant at IDRF Tribal Girls’ Hostel


IDRF with the help of an expert team -Dr. Emmanuel D’Silva (a World Bank retiree) and Mr. Narendra Jindal, who have set up more than 70 biogas units across India on a pro bono basis, set up two, new biogas units: a-20 cubic meter digester close to the gaushala run on cow dung and an-8 cubic meter unit run on human waste from the girls’ toilets. The biogas generated from the units meets most of the kitchen fuel needs of the girls’ hostel

The Shiksha Bharati management is happy with the new biogas unit that employs the latest technology. Unlike traditional dome-shaped cow-dung biogas plants made of bricks and cement, this one is made of synthetic material that looks like a balloon and rolls on the ground. The technology is sourced from Mexico but fabricated in India. The new unit saves about four cylinders of LPG gas per month in winters and five cylinders in summers.

The biogas unit has already generated considerable interest locally. The state’s Minister for Panchayats came on a visit to see the biogas plant and showed his appreciation for IDRF’s eco-friendly vision. The project might inspire other semi-rural schools that have student hostels, gardens or cattle sheds to have biogas units too. IDRF is looking ahead to support the spread of this technology to education/health institutions in other states of India as well. 

The two-unit biogas plant installed at IDRF-tribal girls’ hostel

The biogas plant meets the fuel needs in the kitchen at the hostel with 66 girls

Clean energy from the biogas plant replaces 57 LPG cylinders per year at the hostel