NGO: Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF)

NGO: Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF)

Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation is a non-profit voluntary organization that was created in 1987. SLCDF is committed to building and strengthening the network of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and voluntary organizations to address poverty and other related social and economic issues in Sri Lanka. SLCDF’s programs enhance the capacities and social capital of the underprivileged by developing knowledge, skills, resources, and technical support to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable human development.

IDRF partner since: 2017

  • Providing training in land management technologies for prevention of land degradation
  • Providing revolving loan funds for various livelihood activities (home gardening, polytunnel plant nursery, conservation farming, and improved dairy farming, etc.)
  • Providing training for small tea holders and pepper cultivation
  • Providing capital for cattle sheds to existing dairy farmers
  • Providing planting material for establishing polytunnel plant nurseries

 IDRF grants have helped provide training and revolving micro-loans to 78 women to start or strengthen their small enterprises. This has led to an increase in the incomes of their families and made them economically and socially stable. Most of the additional income earned by these women is being invested in their children’s education and nutrition. Also, the self-employment opportunities created for women as a result of this program are enhancing leadership and confidence among them at the community level.

Converting Small Business to a Micro-venture

Sri Lankan Charities in USADhammika, 46, lives in Central Province of Sri Lanka with her husband and two little boys. As part of the IDRF’s micro-credit program to empower poor rural women, she received training and a loan to make bags and mosquito-nets to sell at the local weekly market.

With the increased income, she is able to buy more raw material to make more bags and nets and pay for the education of her children. With an increase in her family income, she is also able to repay the loan and save some money to meet emergency medical expenses for her family.

US Charities Supporting Sri LankaKanthi Weerasinghe, 57, lives in Central Province, Sri Lanka with her husband. They are engaged in farming activities on their small plot of land and sell the produce in a far off market. To get to the market, the family has to spend a lot of money on transportation and so she started a small poultry farm to supplement the household income.

However, the family suffered a major economic setback when the farm had to be shut down temporarily due to a disease. Kanthi applied for a loan supported by IDRF’s micro-credit program in partnership with SLCDF, to buy more birds to restart her small business. Now the financial conditions at home are improving once again!

Small convenience store

Mushroom cultivation

Pepper planting

Ekel broom making

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