NGO: Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF)


Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation is a non-profit voluntary organization that was created in 1987. SLCDF is committed in building and strengthening the network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and voluntary organizations to address poverty and other related social and economic issues in Sri Lanka. SLCDF’s programs enhance the capacities and social capital of the underprivileged by developing knowledge, skills, resources and technical support to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable human development.

IDRF Partner Since: 2017

Focus Area(s): Women’s Empowerment

Location: Sri Lanka

Project Title: Improved livelihood activities in Women-headed Households and Families with Persons with Disabilities


IDRF has partnered with SLCDF to improve livelihood activities in 105 women-headed households and families with persons with disabilities in Kandy District of Central Province. These families are identified by the CBOs using participatory methods and basic training for integrated livelihoods is provided. Some of the major activities included under this program are:

  • Providing training in land management technologies for prevention of land degradation
  • Providing revolving loan fund for various livelihood activities (home gardening, polytunnel plant nursery, conservation farming, and improved dairy farming, etc.)
  • Providing training for small tea holders and pepper cultivation
  • Providing capital for cattle sheds to existing dairy farmers
  • Providing planting material for establishing polytunnel plant nurseries

This program is expected to increase the incomes for the 105 families and make them economically and socially stable. Also the self-employment opportunities created for women as a result of this program will enhance leadership and confidence among them at the community level.

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