NGO: Surabi Charitable Trust


Surabi Trust is a non-governmental and philanthropic organization that was founded in 2008, by a group of socially committed youth in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  The Trust is established with the ultimate aim to serve deprived children by providing them quality education, better medical and nutrition support and empower women to be self-reliant.

IDRF Partner Since: 2015

Focus Area: Education and Health

Location: Tamil Nadu

Project Title: Brindavan-Residential Care for Homeless Boys


Surabi runs a free stay home Brindavan for abandoned children in a friendly and caring environment which makes them feel at home. IDRF has been supporting Surabi’s program of providing a home for homeless children who are vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and anti-social activities.

The objective of this program is to provide good education to these destitute children by providing them a friendly learning environment and to equip them with moral values and help them grow into good citizens. Surabi provides free food, shelter, clothing, shoes, haircutting, education, sporting activities, and training in Taekwondo, music and arts for the children residing here. Apart from academics and sports, Surabi also arranges recreation programs and annual trips for the children to enjoy.

Homeless children residing at Brindavan

Homeless children residing at Brindavan are trained in Taekwondo and participate in championships

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