NGO: Saraswati Jain Sewa Samiti


Saraswati Jain Sewa Samiti, was established in 2002 by Late Shri C.L. Jain and his wife Smt. Saraswati Jain. The Sewa Samiti is a non-governmental organization based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a mission of helping the most impoverished and ailing members of the society, especially leprosy patients who have been shunned by the society for ages. This NGO has two distinct objectives: (i) medical help for leprosy patients, mostly abandoned by their families, at the Mahatma Gandhi Kushtha Ashram located on the outskirts of Jaipur (ii) provides food, medications, blankets and other daily items to poor patients admitted to the local government hospital (Sawai Mansingh Hospital).

IDRF Partner Since: 2004

Focus Area: Health

Location: Rajasthan

Project(s): Mahatma Gandhi Kushtha (Leprosy) Ashram and Sawai Mansingh Hospital


A very unique feature of Saraswati Jain Sewa Samiti, is that, it has no overheads of any kind or employee salaries as all involved are volunteers. IDRF’s fund have played a pivotal role in upgrading the dilapidated building of Mahatma Gandhi Kushtha Ashram. IDRF has also helped procure medical supplies and the services of a local surgeon, who attends to the acutely ill and convalescing leprosy patients on a regular basis.

In Sawai Mansingh Hospital Jaipur, IDRF is supporting the needs of poor patients admitted primarily to the Neurosurgery ward as well as other support areas such as the outpatient clinics, operation theaters and blood banks.

Saraswati Jain and Leper

Mrs. Saraswati Jain attending to a leprosy patient

Mrs. Saraswati Jain visiting patients at the general ward in the hospital

Donor Testimonial:

Dr. Lucky Jain says: Few organizations, Shabnam and I know are so steeped in caring for others as is the India Development Relief Fund. Guided by the singular vision and dedication of Mr. Vinod Prakash, IDRF has created uncountable opportunities for the less fortunate. My own association with IDRF goes back for more than a decade and has steadily grown over time. IDRF has helped bring much-needed resources for sick patients at the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in Jaipur India and leprosy patients at the Mahatma Gandhi Leprosy Ashram in Jaipur……

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