NGO: Sewa Bharti Madhya Bharat


Sewa Bharti Bopal – Madhya Bharat is a nonprofit organization that serves the deprived and needy through educational, vocational, healthcare and socio-cultural programs. The organization has conducted a number of diverse programs for the past two decades in an effort to empower and engage the most disadvantaged of Madhya Pradesh.

IDRF Partner Since: 1995

Focus Area: Women’s Empowerment

Location: Madhya Pradesh

Project Title: Sagar Girls Hostel & Midli Project


The literacy rate among tribal females in the region is very low (6-7%). Furthermore, for middle and high schools girls are required to go to towns. Lack of lodging and boarding facilities and economic constraints of parents keep their girls away from continuing their education. In order to tackle this problem, Sewa Bharti is running separate hostels for tribal boys and girls and IDRF has funded the construction of the hostel for tribal girls at Sagar.

In the past, IDRF has also supported several of Sewa Bharti’s educational programs, including the construction of a tribal boys’ dormitory, a separate dormitory for disadvantaged girls, an orphanage for abandoned infants, as well as the setup and upkeep of a medical van to provide health care to poor people living in remote rural areas.

IDRF has also provided financial assistance for buying computers and providing vocational training to the economically disadvantaged in Midli village in Madhya Pradesh.

Tribal Girls’ Hostel at Sagar

A Room in the Tribal Girls’ Hostel

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