NGO: Shiksha Bharati


Shiksha Bharati is an educational institution that is devoted to the cause of the empowerment of girls. Shiksha Bharati runs and operates a Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) accredited senior secondary school (up to Grade 12th) on a 20-acre education campus. Tribal Girls’ Education and Hostel Facility, Vocational Training Centermpus, some 65 kilometers east of New Delhi. This school provides innovative and holistic education by utilizing a rigorous curriculum. The program combines academics with physical, moral, spiritual, and cultural development to empower these girls and prepare them to become financially independent to lead a life of dignity.

IDRF Partner Since: 2001

Focus Area: Education,Women Empowerment and Eco-friendly Development

Location: Hapur, Uttar Pradesh

Project Title: Tribal Girls’ Education and Hostel Facility, Vocational Training Center


IDRF has been working with Shiksha Bharati to provide free education to underprivileged tribal girls who are unable to access basic education in their states. Girls from the Northeast region and other states like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Ladakh are selected by Vidya Bharati and sent to Shiksha Bharati for schooling. An IDRFsupported hostel-Banwasi Chhatrawas with the capacity to house 100 girls operates within the campus of the Srimati Brahma Devi Saraswati Balika Vidya Mandir. IDRF and Shiksha Bharati provide free boarding, lodging, and travel to all girls residing here.  The hostel includes a media room, library, game room, and a room for judo practice. 

After completing their education some of the girls have returned to their native places, where they teach local girls, thus, contributing to breaking the cycle of gender discrimination and poverty in their communities.

The education of tribal girls at Shiksha Bharati can be supported through two distinct funds:

  1. Endowment Fund: a one-time donation of $ 10,000 endows one permanent educational seat, in perpetuity
  2. Annual Support: an annual donation of $ 550 per girl

Your donation will provide food, clothing, lodging, school supplies, medical expenses, utility charges, etc. The tuition, educational expenses, and counselors will be supported by partner Shiksha Bharati.

At present, 66 students are living at the IDRF Tribal Girls’ Hostel. To fill the hostel’s capacity of 100 students, and to educate girls belonging to economically disadvantaged backgrounds, we need your support! Your donation for educating a girl will give her financial independence allowing her to lead a life of dignity and self-respect.

IDRF also supports the higher education of these girls once they complete their schooling. The girls are also helped by IDRF volunteers with language skills, counseling, and guidance for college and higher studies. 

 Skill development and vocational training for IDRF-hostel girls and marginalized women

To improve their employability skills, students at the IDRF Hostel and other local marginalized women, are offered free computer and tailoring courses at the “Monica Gautam Vocational Training Center” named in memory of the late sister of an IDRF donor.  The training center is located on the education campus of Shiksha Bharati in Hapur.

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Students at the IDRF Tribal Girls’ Hostel

Hostel students are also provided computer literacy


Girls learn various vocational activities while living at the hostel

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