NGO: Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service (SISS)


Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service (SISS), is a non-profit voluntary social service and research institute established in 1999. SISS has been devising and successfully implementing programs for encouraging rural population to develop independent thinking and mutual cooperation. The organization is also committed to the holistic development of tribal villages, with a specific focus on eco-friendly development and healthcare

IDRF Partner Since: 2013

Focus Area: Health

Location: Telangana

Project Title:Arogya Dhara


Private-Public partnerships remain the secret of successful development-bringing a host of skills as well as financial, technical and operative know-how for efficient and effective implementation and sustained operation. IDRF’s exemplary partnership with SISS implemented the Arogya Dhara project from April 2013 – March 2016. On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, SISS had started ‘Arogya Dhara Initiative’ in 2013, to promote sanitation, health and livelihood activities in the tribal areas of Adilabad district, Telangana. Their work targeted improvements in health and environmental aspects of the entire village.

Arogya Dhara was started in 162 villages and 50,000 people from 10,000 families have taken part and benefitted from this initiative. IDRF acted as a catalyst by meeting the critical requirement of 7.5% funding. The ultimate beneficiaries contributed 8.6% through labor (Shramdan), the partner-NGO raised 2.9% locally and the remaining 81% was financed by the central and state governments.

Village Committees were constituted in every village, and development activities were carried out through them. Some of these activities are as follows:

  • People have been encouraged to construct toilets, soak pits and motivated to adhere to maintain clean surroundings (3,205 soak pits have been completed in 25 villages).
  • Horticulture and backyard plantation has been propagated in 4,500 households.
  • Health awareness programs for women and young girls have been organized in villages and schools.
  • Eye checkup camps have also been conducted in villages and various schools.
  • Vocational training camps for unemployed youth have been organized.
  • Homeopathic medicines have been distributed to 9,500 households to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

SISS also works closely with local government bodies through co-financing and capacity building, to ensure that governments will continue this work long after SISS has left. This ensures a major multiplier effect, and sustainability of this project into the long-term.

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Villagers digging soak pits

Toilets in Mutnuru village   

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