NGO: Sahaj Seva Samsthan (SSS)

NGO: Sahaj Seva Samsthan


Sahaj Seva Samsthan (SSS) is formed by followers of a spiritual way of living propounded by Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This society is focused on propagating the philosophies of selfless service, sacrifice, moderation and co-operation. They have been working on uplifting the impoverished people of Telangana by providing them low-cost or free medical care and education.

SSS also aims at providing cost-effective and quality medical facilities through modern allopathic medicine and simultaneously promoting homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, herbal medicines and naturopathy.

IDRF Partner Since: 2005

Focus Area(s): Health and Education 

Location: Telangana

Project Title: Hospital operations and construction of a new hospital   


IDRF supports Samsthan in running of its hospital that provides modern medical services at an affordable cost to the common man.

Starting in 2017, IDRF is working with SSS to construct a 50-bed general hospital (adjacent to the existing hospital) with facilities like: general surgery, laboratory, and emergency services for the urban and rural poor in Hyderabad. The Samasthan takes up health education and nutrition supplementation and nutrition advice to rural population in addition to providing curative health services to rural areas.

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General surgery facility at the hospital