Through the Eyes of Dr Prakash

Through the Eyes of Dr Prakash

Today, we are pleased to announce that here we commence sharing some remarkable information about IDRF (one of the trustworthy Indian charity organizations in USA) through the eyes of Dr. Vinod Prakash, the founder of IDRF.

Honored with more than 20 awards and recognitions, the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) is not merely associated with offering charity to needy people but also with many empowerment projects, like Education & Skill Development, Women’s Empowerment, Environmental Sustainability, and many more. It donates to Indian NGO for their different projects needs focusing mainly on education, health, environment, etc.

How the Journey of IDRF Begins…

  • The first seed of IDRF (previously IRF) was planted during the emergency imposed by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from June 25, 1975, to March 21, 1977). During that time, many activists were arrested for participating in demonstrations opposing the emergency. The India Relief Fund (IRF) was initiated by Dr. Mahesh Mehta (recipient of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2017), a polymer scientist. He started IRF to assist the families of political prisoners arrested during the political emergency.
  • Soon after the emergency was revoked, in 1977, Dr. Prakash volunteered to take on the leadership position as the IRF President. After the emergency, the focus of the IRF shifted to relief and rehabilitation.
  • Before officially commencing IDRF in 1988 by Dr. Prakash, they had provided relief fund to the nation in many disasters, like the Morbi Dam collapse in 1979, in which thousands of people died and was considered the worst dam burst in the country. The other disaster was a large gas leakage at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal in 1984, which was considered the world’s worst industrial disaster, causing over 8,000 fatalities on the disaster day and an additional over 8,000 later.
  • After volunteering as an IRF president for many years, at the age of 55 in 1987, Dr. Prakash decided to take an early retirement from his World Bank job and devote himself in doing full-time social service.

He was the first Indian staff member at the World Bank to initiate the process of fund raising for relief & rehabilitation in India.

Thus, such magnificent and noble thoughts of his have made it possible to establish IDRF (US Nonprofits Supporting India) in 1988.

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