NGO: Vikas Bharati


Vikas Bharati is a local NGO focused on the economic development of rural of Jharkhand. As one of Jharkhand’s largest NGOs, Vikas Bharati provides employment training and technology, while increasing social equity and preserving the cultural traditions of the people.

IDRF Partner Since: 1988

Focus Area: Ecofriendly Development

Location: Jharkhand

 Project: Seed Production


A primary source of income for Tribal farms of Gumla district is growing varieties of paddy rice. However, in order to buy quality seed, these economically disadvantaged farmers must buy them on credit, pushing them further into debt and making them even more vulnerable to climate-related catastrophes. IDRF, and local partner VIkas Bharati joined forces to implement a program where farmers grew paddy and saved it as seed rather than selling it as food. Eventually, the project introduced various technological measures to improve the quality of the seed. The project has resulted in local farmers earning almost triple their previous income by selling seed, and has improved conditions for non-participating farmers who have also benefitted from the higher quality product.