Water Harvesting/Security Program:

                                           Water Harvesting/Security Program:                  

                                       Nakhatrana Block, District Kutch, Gujarat

IDRF and Samerth have been greatly successful in developing Water Harvesting Structurers in the villages of Nakhatrana block.

  1. Pababhai Rabari- a resident of Khambhla village, looks after his cattle and is engaged in some agricultural activities. His farm land is located near the border of Mathal village. When Samerth has started the developing work at Ratnasar Talav (pond). Pababhai has visited the site on many occasions while taking his cattle for drinking water near this site. He highly praises the efforts of this development and according to him, there are about 2,500 Sheep & Goats, 200 Cows, and 300 buffalos that are able to drink water daily from this pond after its revival and development. The herds of cattle come from Mathal, Todia and Khambhala villages. According to Pababhai, this pond has a capacity to store water for the whole year after its redevelopment, and the cattle herders are extremely grateful with this redevelopment program.

    Sheep Drinking water from Ratnasar Talav (Pond) in Mathal Village


    Pababhai Maldhari from Khambhala village

  2. Kanjibhai Garva resides in Mathal village and is engaged in farming activities.  His farm land is located near Chhapri Dam, near Mathal, which was developed last year. Even though this area gets meager rain fall, last year the bore well on his farm land was able to recharge water as a result of the water harvesting structure development. The water level in his borewell increased by 4 to 5 feet. So it is important to note that the water bodies developed as part of the project, not only conserve water, but also recharge the other water structures and aquifers in the surrounding areas.

    Kanjibhai proudly showing his borewell with new recharge level of water


    Kanjibhai’s farm land near the Chhapri Dam

    Kanjibhai believes that if the monsoon season brings good rainfall this year, it will have a good impact on the farming activities in this area, and the farmers will be able to produce more crops with the recharged borewells near the pond area.

  3. At Aiyyar village, Samerth has developed two water harvesting structures, one for the cattle and another for the drinking purpose for the people in the community. The newly elected Sarpanch (village head) Mr. Vipulabhai Patel is a young and dynamic person, who also teaches at a college at Nakhatrana. According to him, Samerth’s support has changed the perspective of his thinking in developing water structures in this area. This village had four water structures and Samerth developed two more recently. There is also a huge check dam with voluminous water retention capacity. After Samerth’s intervention, Vipul Patel and his team have decided to file an application to the government for the development of this check dam. The villagers have completed a detailed study report of this dam with the support of engineers, and submitted the application to develop the check dam near Aiyyar village. The application is submitted to Kayla Water & Irrigation Department, Nakhatrana Block with an approximate estimate of INR 45 lakhs for the development process.

    Sarpanch of Aiyyar Village (right) in conversation with Samerth official