What are different forms of donations IDRF takes?

What are different forms of donations IDRF takes?

Indian Development and Relief Fund is one of the leading public charities in the USA that offers development work in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In this blog, we are finding out from Dr. Prakash the various forms in which one can make tax exempt donations to IDRF.

  1. Donors can issue a cheque in favor of IDRF and mail it to 5821 Mossrock Drive, North Bethesda, MD 20852.
  2. Another popular and secure option is online donation.
  3. Donors can also donate shares or stocks to IDRF. If you donate to IDRF the appreciated stocks that you have held longer than one year, you may avoid the capital gains tax. IDRF will sell the stocks to sue the proceeds from sale to support its various development program for the less fortunate people.
    The donor also receives a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stocks.
  4. One more interesting piece of information shared by Dr. Prakash is the ‘Corporate Employee Matching Gift Program in the USA’. Under this program, there are around 100 organizations. If any employee from these organizations donates money, the employer will add a similar amount. For
    instance, if any employee of the organization donates $1000 to IDRF, an additional $1000 will be given by his employer thus, IDRF receives $2000.
  5. But, in all cases, IDRF accepts donations only after ensuring all legal aspects of the NGO and projects. The FCRA registration certificate is also mandatory for transferring funds to the NGOs in India.

Thus, as one of the best US nonprofits supporting development programs in India, IDRF provides various options to its donors to give back to their motherland. If you want to donate to IDRF or know more about how to donate to IDRF, please feel free to reach us at admin@idrf.org

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